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About Jane Lee Wolfe

Jane Lee WolfeJane Lee Wolfe works with people who want to get their spiritual lives in some kind of order. She has done this forever, working both with individuals and with groups small and large. Where you are, where you can be, what might work to get you from A to B if you wish to go-all these things you learn when you visit with Jane on line, in person, through writings, classes, talks, etc.

Jane has spent her life principally in the spirituality field and in the human rights arena.

The spirituality jobs range from spiritual formation staff work to leadership in innovative and experimental worship experiences. Included in the spirituality frame are Assistant to the Bishop of Arkansas for Spiritual Formation, Director of Christ Church Center for Religious Studies and Practice, and visiting scholar at St. George's College, Jerusalem.

The human rights commitments have been focused principally on women's rights around the world and on peace and justice initiatives in the Middle East and elsewhere. This includes such things as being president of the World YWCA, representing the Episcopal Church at the United Nations on the Question of Palestine.

She is director of Bog Chapel, Inc. a spiritual heath and fitness not-for-profit, and head of resident relations for Twin Pines Housing Trust, a not-for-profit that builds and maintains affordable housing in Vermont and New Hampshire. She is the President of World Day of Prayer USA Committee and a member of the World YWCA Peace and Justice Task Force.

Born in New York and raised in Washington, DC, Jane Wolfe now lives in Woodstock, Vermont, after a 35-year stint in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her daughter, Zibilla, lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.