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David Jones, Episcopal Priest

David P. Jones

Bog Chapel is in the spiritual health and fitness business. It is important that the action resources and initiatives Bog Chapel promotes and supports are rooted in the rich spiritual lives of the providers. Sustainable action for the health and well being of individuals, groups and organizations grows from deeply rooted spirituality that is continually fed by love, watered by joy and set to breathe in the clear air of peace.

The Rev. David P. Jones is the Bog Chapel Staff Associate for Parish Transition Ministry and new action initiatives. David is a man of prayer, contemplation and action. An Episcopal priest with a long history in visionary parish leadership, he serves as our Parish Transition specialist. This role involves working with congregations in transition as they prepare for new leadership and direction. Over the past several years David has shared his skills with a variety of different parish communities both in full time as well as part time roles. His conviction is that the most effective way of helping any Christian community become ready for the next chapter of its mission and ministry is to focus on developing the spiritual health and fitness of the entire parish system. This includes transformational worship, individual spiritual development, experimentation with new methods of achieving health and fitness, and implementing impactful outreach.

Over the time of his ministry with Bog Chapel, David has also been called to work with the underserved as well as those whose service ministries put them on the battlefront of safety, justice and peace. This means that in the region of and around his home city of Evanston, Illinois, he works with the homeless and those who serve them, and as Chaplain to the Evanston Police and Fire Departments as well as two other regional fire departments.

We are proud to have David as leader for our Action Resources and Initiatives. These programs are a formalization of what happens through the leadership of Bog Chapel Spiritual Health and Fitness professionals, of which David is one example.

To learn more about David’s part of the Bog Chapel ministry you may contact him directly at