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Welcome to “Ask Jane Lee Wolfe”

This section of the website is for questions and answers, not unlike the advice columns you find in newspapers.

If you have a spiritual fitness question that you need some advice, encouragement or direction on resolving, write to us at I'll write back to you privately, but selected questions will be posted here. After all, we can all learn from the experiences of others. Of course, your privacy will be protected...


Q: What is prayer and why pray?

A: Prayer is the way human beings relate to beings that are greater than they are and external to them. These beings can range anywhere from Creator of the Universe to some object that you feel has special power external to you. Not all prayer is well placed. Assuming you are asking about prayer to God or the like, you pray/relate because human beings are healthier when they stay mindful of their place within a creation greater than they are. When they lose sight of this, they behave as though the universe revolves around them. This causes all sorts of trouble.


Q: How do I find peace in my stressful life?

A: You don't have to look for peace; you simply have to take advantage of its presence. You do this by stopping a second or two and breathing in and out. Think of breathing in and out through your back, as though you still had gills. Peace surrounds you; it's simply a matter of taking it in. When we breathe in peace regularly, we begin to relax into who we are and to experience life more simply and immediately. This does not remove the things that "stress" you, but it changes you within their presence. Try it.


Q: What is the point of meditating?

A: For many people, taking time to be quiet, sitting still, focusing on a word or a sound or an object, helps them to experience what it means to be centered, still and alive in the presence of God, or simply in the presence of the Universe. It is refreshing, a reminder that we are more than "first responders" to life's situations. Meditation is a way to touch base with your integrity, with the core of your being. You and the world you greet afterwards are the better for it.


Q: What evidence is there that believing in God is worthwhile?

A: It depends on where and how you look. If you look at politics, world disasters, blistering news reports and tragedies close at home, and if you look at these with just your mind, you're not going to gather much evidence. If, on the other hand, you look with your soul or heart and see how human beings who live their relationship with God persevere in the most horrid conditions, you may find some evidence that living together with someone who loves you and is with you enhances your strength, endurance and flexibility greatly, not to mention your ability to stand fast for justice, kindness, and goodwill toward one another and creation.


Q: Is my life valuable? I'm pretty much a failure at everything I do.

A: If you're looking for someone to "prove you wrong," in order to believe your life is valuable, then you're going to have a hard time, because you've pretty much "pre-disrespected" anyone who would say "yes, indeed, your life is valuable." You wouldn't believe them for an instant. If, though, you are willing take a little time to listen to what your partner, God/Creation has to say abut you and being with you — and do this regularly — you will ease up on yourself. You will find you are not a failure in that relationship, and that certainty will form the ground of your self respect, whether or not you turn into a "success" in the world's eyes.

— Jane