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Welcome to Bog Chapel

Jane Lee WolfeI am Jane Lee Wolfe, and my passion is teaching people about spiritual fitness (SpiFi).

Spiritual Fitness is taking care of the 3rd part of what you are: body, mind, spirit.

Spiritual Fitness is important because without it, even though you may be physically and mentally in good shape, a third of you is ignored. You actually may be pretty spiritually fit even if you ignore it, but you are in better shape if you are intentionally engaged in seeing that your soul is healthy.

Spiritual Fitness will make you feel better than you thought it was possible to feel, and will give you a sense of being whole and "fully human."

Spiritual Fitness involves some simple disciplines and regular practices that will insure you get and stay spiritually healthy and fit.

So — the purpose here is to help you help yourself get spiritually healthy and fit. It is not a tortuous process requiring hair shirts and years of penance, it is joyful and not difficult. This is not to say there aren't going to be bleak and boring places in your life; it is to say, however, that you will have resilience in any situation — your bounce-back will be fast and real.

Let's go!

Bog Chapel, Inc. is an education not-for-profit organization that helps people who want to be spiritually healthy and trains people who want to become spiritual health facilitators. It works with traditional religious, undecided and secular participants. The programs offer people ways of being spiritually healthy that are easy, rewarding and joyful. They ground people in peace that is sustainable, joy that always flows and compassion that embraces all.

Bog Chapel spiritual health emphasis is both palliative and progressive: People can become not only free from spiritual wounds and pain, but they can become spiritually healthy and fit. This means learning how to become spiritually safe, nurtured and empowered, as well as learning how to build spiritual strength, endurance and flexibility.

Bog Chapel programs give people tools to work with in order to become spiritually healthy and fit, and an understanding of when to use those tools. Much of Bog Chapel training is based on the notion that spiritual health has a dynamic like physical health: just as there are certain things the body has to do to be healthy, so also there are certain things that the spirit has to do to be healthy. Thus no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your cultural background is, there are some things that need to happen for spiritual health and fitness that cut across or lie beneath all these distinctions.

Bog Chapel Classes and Workshops

We have many Classes (which meet over several days) and Workshops (1 day sessions) covering a variety of topics, such as

  • Spiritual Health and Fitness (separately or together)

  • Spiritual Assists

  • Managing Your Spiritual Life

  • Spirituality for Children

  • Listening Studies (on-line and in person)

  • School for Spiritual Mentors

For more information about these classes and workshops, click here.