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Concepts and Terms Used

Some concepts and terms you will learn in SpiFi work:

Peace: The air you breathe, plus a presence that accompanies you.

Spirit: The water you bathe in and drink Joy.

Love: All the food that energizes you — love from others, art, music, literature, nature, God.

Justice: What happens when you breathe in peace. Sharing.

Kindness: What happens when you are refreshed by joy. Humility: the state you live in when you are loved and love.

Blessings: Things and words that make it easier for you to love yourself, others, God.

Thanksgivings: Spontaneous responses to things that enrich your life.

Praises: Liftings of the spirit that sort of take care of themselves.

Forgiveness: A process you offer or enact in response to something that has happened that makes it more difficult for someone (or you) to love themselves, others, God.

Healing: A process that allows the wounds on your soul to return to health.

Cleansing: A process that removes things like fear, anger, hatred, hypocrisy, etc. from your wounds, allowing them to heal better.

Spiritual Safety: When you have peace and justice in your life.

Spiritual Nurture: When you are refreshed and act kindly.

Spiritual Empowerment: When you are loved and love freely and are therefore comfortable with yourself and humble.

Spiritual Strength: When you are blessed and blessed, forgiving and forgiven.

Spiritual Endurance: When you are thankful and thanked, allowing your wounds to heal, being part of what heals others' wounds.

Spiritual Flexibility: When you are able to live free of anger, hatred, fear, and responsive to the souls of others in whatever state they are in.