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What is Spiritual Fitness?

I'm using the term Spiritual Fitness (SpiFi) because, for what it's worth, that's what I've called my work (to myself) for over 35 years.

Spiritual Fitness is about taking care of the 3rd part of who you are: Body, Mind, Spirit.

What is the Spirit? The Spirit is hard to define. Some people call it the soul, some people call it the heart, but it is called any number of other things.

What does a person with a fit Spirit look like? A person with a fit spirit looks peaceful, happy and compassionate; like someone you can trust.

What does having a fit Spirit feel like? Having a fit spirit feels open and strong and glad; you feel easy and comfortable with yourself and others.

How does having a fit Spirit benefit me? You are able to be peaceful in any situation or circumstance. You are able to care for yourself and others simultaneously. You are able to refresh and be hopeful in many ways.

What is the job of the SpiFi staff? Our job is to help you become and stay spiritually fit. Our job is to see that you and those whose lives you touch benefit from your fitness.

What does that mean for me? First, it means we show and teach you some simple general practices that generate and improve spiritual fitness for you and everyone. Second, it means that we work with you on issues that are specific to you and that hold up your overall spiritual fitness.

How do I know whether and where I need to work on my spiritual fitness? Gently follow your pain, noting the “hows” and “whens” if you can.

    • Do I feel like I am in chains and people are sucking me dry?

    • Am I unhappy?

    • Do I feel hopeless a lot of the time?

    • Do I hate myself?

    • Am I sorrowful a lot of the time?

    • Am I rarely at peace and often exhausted?

    • Do I have any idea of what it means to be loved?

    • Other things?

How do I know where I might be ok and spiritually fit? Quietly follow your joy, again noting the “hows” and “whens” if possible.

    • Do I feel free and alive a lot of the time?

    • Am I happy playing and resting and laughing?

    • Am I hopeful and enthusiastic?

    • Am I happy with myself and energetic?

    • Do I bounce back quickly after being hurt?

    • Do I have times of peace and gladness?

    • Am I loved and do I love others?

    • Other things?

Keep in mind: Everybody has days when they are “on” and days when they are “off” no matter how spiritually fit they are. The point is to build up your fitness so that the “on” days outnumber the “off” days by a large margin and so that the return from an “off” day or two (or more) is quick, easy and achievable.

What can I expect if I decide to work on my spiritual fitness? You can expect to feel happier and more peaceful almost immediately. You will have more energy and life. You will stop being hateful to yourself and others. You will see a welcome change in your relationships. You will feel protected, safe and ambitious. You will laugh more, love more, enjoy more. You will rest easy and often.